Handle the scoping case where a LiteralLink is the child of a ValueField

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This project provides IDE integration to Eclipse users when working on protobuf files. Contributions can be made through Google Source. For more info see CONTRIBUTING


The Eclipe Public License can be found in com.eclipse.protobuf.feature.

Installing protobuf-dt

The update site for protobuf-dt is http://google.github.io/protobuf-dt/updates/latest/.

Install using Eclipse Install tool

Navigate to “Help” > “Install New Software...”.

Click Add....

Enter Protobuf Editor into the “Name:” field.

Paste http://google.github.io/protobuf-dt/updates/latest/ into the “Location:” field.

Click OK.

From the dropdown labeled “Work with:” select the repository you just added.

Make sure that “Group items by category” is deselected.

“Google Inc.” should be listed in the repository explorer window.

Select the checkbox next to “Google Inc.”.

Click Next.

Click Next again on the “Item Details” page.

Accept the terms of the license agreement and click Finish.

Install using the Eclipse Marketplace

Navigate to “Help” > “Eclipse Marketplace...”.

Search for protobuf-dt.

“protobuf-dt” should be listed in the search window.

Click “Install”.

Accept the terms of the license agreement and click Finish.